Welcome to the Speedwagon Foundation

Welcome to the blog for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure English-language fansub group Speedwagon Foundation (SPW), formerly just "Get Back Subs" (GetBack).
You can find the old blog here, unless Google deletes it when I finally pull the plug on my account.
Our releases thus far can be found here.

It was my intention to have one blog for TV subs under the old name, and have this one on hand for BD subs. Buuuut that's just kind of stupid in hindsight aaaaand I've lost all faith in Google and mainstream western blog services for security reasons. So I've recently found time to try to find a place to throw on a blog, and FC2 is that.

What's in the cards for [SPW], then?

First things first, finally, finally, finally getting the TV and BD batch out. Our BD team is much expanded, and the objective is to finally get both of those out by April 4th.

The delay is mostly my fault, a mix of IRL issues keeping me busy as well as side-projects I'd taken on a bit hastily keeping me busy when I should've been focussing on JoJo. I sincerely apologize to anyone inconvenienced on my team, and any watcher who might've actually been waiting for us. OTL

To sum up the plans for the two batches, and to make it clear why two batches in the first place:
-The TV batch will contain a more Araki-esque script, with "quotations" and other qualities of the manga left intact. The BD batch will have an edited script with improved timing and likely a karaoke thing for the OPs, thanks to the team.
-I want to release episodes 2 through 9 already, which have been translated for like 9 months but gathering dust, and close the book on [GetBack] for good by completing the work on it.
-Both versions will still have a second "Reference Names" sub track, where applicable. (for instance, official names like "Wamuu" are renamed to "Wham")
-The BD batch will have at least one other exclusive surprise to it.

Stuff I want to get done as well:
-An expansive list of annotations, nitpicking, and TL notes I've been putting together.
-A per-episode glossary of FX, since we probably can't deliver at the same or higher quality than Commie's excellent TSer's work. (will probably not be done in time for release)
-Scans of the BD cases.

Hopefully I can get all of the above ready with at least some time to rest before Stardust Crusaders premieres! Nothing for that is set in stone yet, but I'm hoping we'll make a larger splash and manage to release quicker and in better quality than we showed. I always saw the [GetBack] work as a practice run in anticipation for the real meat of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, which begins with Stardust Crusaders. More on that hopefully to come when the premiere is imminent.


This is primarily a release announcement blog. No fansub content will be posted here save for off-site links. To all English-speaking JJBA fans: Please support Hirohiko Araki, Lucky Land Communications, and affiliated companies by purchasing JJBA merchandise, the upcoming English-language release of the PS3 fighting game, and whatever official DVDs or BDs that may release in the future with English subs (such as the limited- and regular-edition BDs).

Come talk about JJBA with other fans here if you're inclined.
Contact us at spwfoundation[at]hushmail.com



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